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Start Doing These 3 Things Now Before You Want to Get Into Your Best Shape Possible

You’ve decided you want to make a change or step things up with your training and nutrition. Here are three things you want to get started with actually before you put in 100% commitment to your work.

To get into your best shape possible it’s all about preparation. Making sure you have the best environment in place and the best plan in place that way you can go full steam ahead towards your goal with as little distractions as possible and with as little road blocks as possible.

A lot of the time when people fail to reach their goals or they get upset about it; is because:

A – They didn’t realise how much hard work it takes and
B – They like the “idea” of it and that’s about it

If you’re willing to work hard, put in the time and effort and you don’t just like the idea of it but want to actually look the part and be the part.

Start following and doing these 3 things now. It’s going help you get to your goals quicker and with a lot less stress; ultimately because you’ve already prepared for it the best you can.

1 – Start tracking your nutrition and get a baseline of nutrition. Consistency throughout the week and have all macronutrients covered.

Protein, fats and carbs; you want to make sure you’re getting an ideal amount of each macronutrient each and every day. This is not only important for physiological function but it’s so you have enough food to play around with especially when it comes to getting into your best shape possible.

It gives you PLENTY of variables to play with.

If you know you’re having carbs at yours meals before and after training plus at dinner than you’re going to be more certain when you become stricter with your portion sizes or if you replace a carb meal that you’re going to start to see some results. In weight loss or fat loss.

You can reduce the amount of fats you’re having at each serve or you can even change your protein sources form say mince to lean meat or fish. There are so many ways that you can get results but it starts with having something to work with.

If you don’t do this; then it’s another 2-3 months to build up your metabolism slowly getting your body use to digesting and processing nutrients to work like a machine.

Gabby transformed her health, energy and body with 3 structured training sessions per week over 8 weeks. If anything we had her eating more and not less. The focus was quality and not quantity.

2 – Have your goal set up and plan. Prepare for your success and prepare for your obstacles.

Before training for a photoshoot at the end of last year I knew at the start of the year that I would be preparing to train for one. I knew well in advance and it put me in good stead to focus and train for one without any distractions.

Your pull will always be greater than your push. If you’re struggling for motivation and waiting for something to happen; don’t. Start thinking about and listing all the great things you can do once you’ve accomplished your goals. What’s it going to give you? How will your life be different?

There are so many signs, signals and social proof out there about what your life WILL be like if you DON’T do the things that you want to do. Unhappiness, sickness, working in a job that you don’t like. Better to accept it now or start planning to make a change; otherwise it’s going to be too late.

Have your end goal in mind, set a date. Focus becomes more improved once you’ve got a physical and real deadline in place. Why? Because if you don’t hit that deadline. You’re fucked. There’s nothing wrong with pressure; pressure is fun.

Set up your perfect environment; how would things look in your perfect environment if you were to go out and achieve your goals? Would you need to have complete focus and no distractions for a period of x amount of weeks? Would you need to have a coach to help get you there faster without haven to worry about the intricate little details? Here are some things to consider:

– Friends, family and the people around you. Are you going to be able to commit as much time to them?
– Social events and outings. Some people can do it and some people can’t.
– When you spend more time on training and nutrition there’s going to be time you’re taking away from something else.
– What gym are you going to train at? When are you going to train?
– What other stuff am I going to have to deal with? Work etc.

When you anticipate your obstacles you also bring down stress and cortisol; which is inherently going to better serve your purpose in achieving your best body. How you think and what you think about dictates your hormones and they’ll either work with you or against you.

3 – Get structural balanced and establish a base line level of fitness

Training to get into your best shape possible is similar to training for a sport. You’re aiming for peak performance at a particular time of the year.

In sport you have a pre-season, in season competition phase and then an off season. An athlete rushing straight into a competition phase without establishing a baseline level of fitness in pre-season or addressing their weaknesses and injuries than they are more likely to get injured and not perform at their best on match day.

Shin; tighter with 3 X efficient training sessions per week and structured nutrition based around her busy lifestyle working as lawyer.

The same rules apply to getting into your best shape possible:

A) You want to be healthy and have your bodily functions functioning properly. Changing your body composition and fat loss for e.g. requires your body to detoxify toxins as well as recover from your workout. It then becomes essential for you to support both your detoxification pathways as well as your immune system.

B) Getting structurally balanced. If you have a niggling injury or a weakness in a particular area of your joints or muscles than it also becomes important to strengthen those areas so you can continue to push the ceiling with your training.

C) Establishing a base level of fitness. This doesn’t need to be continually max efforts right from the get go but a steady increase in training outside your comfort zone. What you can do for the first month is stick to a rest time of between 75-90 seconds and then gradually reducing your rest time from there.

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