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How to Get And Stay In Mint Condition All Year Round When Life is Priority

You don’t have the time to train everyday, you’re not a fashion model whose job is to stay in shape all year round in case of being called in for a casting. You’re not a fitness freak who wants to be eating out of tupperware containers everywhere and you certainly don’t want to be turning down family and friends social invitations. You want to do your thing; do good work, look good, feel good and enjoy life.

The thought of getting into and staying in tip top shape all year round however seems frightening:

  • Train everyday
  • Eat only healthy meals
  • No wine, cheese and treats
  • No family, friends only gym buddies
  • No flexibility
  • Too much hard work

It’s easy to look at the people who are able to be in shape all year round and be envious. “They must have no life. It’s easy for them because they’re naturally skinny and fit”.

That’s why you should never take advice from someone who hasn’t either transformed themselves or others who are in a similar situation that you are in. It’s harder for them to empathise and what works well for them isn’t necessarily going to work for you.

As someone who appreciates time, doing the finer things in life and who doesn’t naturally walk around with 6-pack abs I’m telling you there is an approach to being in somewhat mint condition all year round where you can enjoy life and not have to worry so much about if what you do or eat is going to affect your energy levels or body confidence.

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Get your body to where you want it to be first

The hardest step in the process so you need to make this your #1 priority and get there as soon as possible. The sooner you get there the sooner you can start smashing life looking on point. How fit you want to be is up to you, some want to completely transform their body while others want to flatten out their stomach to be confident going to the beach.

You want to get your body to the point where you’re confident in the skin you’re in. You’re going to know where that is more than anyone else; don’t let the jacked fitness freak tell you what’s right or wrong.

Even though it’s the hardest part in the process it can be made easier.

The most common mistakes I hear about and see is lack of focus, education and way too many distractions. If your goal is to get into your best shape possible; go and do that.

Don’t go and commit yourself to a season of “touch football, pilates or netball” because it’s more social, fun and you think it’s going to help with your fat loss/body composition goals. The sole focus of group training or sport is either having fun, physical performance or winning. It’s rarely focused on your physical appearance goals. You spend more than 10 weeks playing X amount of games where you have a miniscule chance of getting into your best condition; I call that time wasting.

Instead spend an intense shorter period focused solely on getting your body composition on point and then go do the things; you’re going to enjoy it 10X more.

2. Prioritise your social events weeks, months and years in advance

Once you’ve got your body composition on point you would’ve discovered what works well for your body and what doesn’t. How you should be eating throughout the day, how many days of exercise you need to be doing per week; what type of training, what you can get away with and what you can’t.

What most people can’t get away with if they’re not genetically gifted with shredded abs is consecutive weekend benders or free days. If you’ve been in great shape and had consecutive cheat days instead of cheat meals you know how that negatively affects your energy and body composition.

You want to plan where you can and prioritise to create a buffer.

Keep it simple:

  • Say no to events you’re not excited about
  • Schedule events yourself where you want to celebrate and enjoy
  • Know in advance upcoming events where you want to be on point

E.g. I enjoy family birthdays, Easter, Christmas and once a month going out to dinner with my partner. The last thing I want to be worrying about is my self image and caring about if I can eat this or can’t. I want to enjoy life and these events so I prepare for it.

If I know Christmas is 4 weeks away and I want to relax, socialise, have wine, cheese and Christmas pudding I’m not going to be lazy and eat like an idiot leading up to that date. I’m going to put my body in the best position possible to enjoy it and come out the other side still feeling good.

3. Own your training goals

This makes training throughout the year enjoyable.

If you don’t have intentions of ever competing in a fitness model competition, guess what? You don’t have to commit as much time to train like one. If you simply want to train to look good, feel good and enjoy life; train specifically for that (TIP: It’s going to have some elements of training like a fitness because they’re generally the best at engaging muscles).

For you that can be 3 X training sessions per week + a social sport and being healthy with your nutrition for 90% of the week. You’ll only know what your sweet spot is by going through the process.

Sometimes you’ll need to commit a little bit more effort; if you have a wedding coming up, you’re going on holidays or you’ve been a bit too relaxed and you need to reign it in. If you’re aligned with your intentions and purpose to train you will be more motivated to make it happen.

4. Know how to be flexible with nutrition and training to manipulate your body composition

When life is priority and you also want to be in good condition year round; life is 100% going to get in your way at some stage or another. Business meetings, deadlines, travel, unexpected compromises and social events to even injuries and sickness.

If you’ve gone through step 1 you’re going to know how to manage this.

In the big scheme of things missing a training session or meal because something came up isn’t going to hurt. You can train the next day or shift your meals around. The best you can do is plan, prepare and get back to your normal routine as soon as you can.

5. If it’s hard and an effort all year round you’re doing it wrong

If my sole purpose and deep desire was to change my body composition and enjoy my life with confidence and I wasn’t achieving that; I would be frustrated and finding it hard too.

You need to do what works.

What works is a sole focus on your goals, no one else’s and a never give up attitude. If you think you’ve tried it all; maybe you haven’t. Group training (*cough* pilates, F45 and the bunch of others) and recreational sport isn’t a sole focus on your body composition goals.

Once you’re there though, by all means go ahead and do life, enjoy all the sports, social events, wine and cheese strategically.

Getting started and keeping it going is also easier with a mindset shift; why do you need to be at your best and who needs you to be at your best?

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