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How to Progress In Your Training After Going Through A Beginner Phase

How can you progress if your training routine is the same one over and over again? You’re a goal getter so train like one.

Smart training progressions: Sassi / Back Squat

Month 1 A Series: 4 X 8-10 — 4210 Tempo
Month 2 A Series: 5 X 5 — 5010 Tempo
Month 3 A Series: 8,8,6,6,4,4 — 3010 Tempo

As her rep ranges decrease each month her strength will increase. Each month of training sets her up for the next month. She’ll be able to use a heavier load more comfortably because she’s done the work in the previous months.

Month 1: Higher reps to get her use the movement pattern. Technically; I want her to be excellent. Not sound. The more repetitions she gets exposed to here the better. It will also help to establish a base level of fitness going into the lower rep ranges of training.

Month 2: 5X5 with a slower tempo. Gets her using slightly heavier weight with a slow and controlled tempo where she can focus on her tightness and form. The longer she brace and hold a good upright position in a squat, the better and safer.

Month 3: Descending rep ranges working up to a max set of repeated 4 reps with a slightly faster tempo. Which she would end on a heavier weight lifted than her previous program.

How do you think that’s going to affect her training confidence, performance and ability to train even harder in the following months to come? Yep; handsomely.

Train for the long term and not the short term. Everyday you come into the gym with a goal and a purpose. Training isn’t life; but it sure does excel it.


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