We complete your goal setting, body composition, nutrition, strength, fitness and mobility assessments with procedures used in professional sporting leagues across the globe (NBA, AFL, NRL, EPL, Olympics) – Styku Scan, BioSignature & VALD Systems


You receive your first individualised nutrition, training, lifestyle and supplementation program from one of our Master or Senior trainers and sports nutritionists – tailored towards your goal and lifestyle.


We coach your weekly 1-hour PT sessions 1-4 X per week with you, tracking your training performance and recovery to ensure you’re getting fitter, faster and stronger safely.


We reassess and track your body composition results every 2 weeks to ensure you’re on the right track and to make any changes to your nutrition if we need to.


Every 4 weeks you receive a new individualised training program to avoid training plateaus and to keep your training performance and body composition results progressing.


You achieve your fitness goal and you’re empowered on how to look a er your own nutrition and training so you can keep and replicate your results for life.