Pey’s Transformation: Fat Loss & Improved Blood Markers

Pey’s experience with Athletic Studio is an example of how targeted fitness and lifestyle changes can significantly impact health, strength and body composition, particularly for those facing prediabetes challenges. Below, Pey shares insights into her journey, emphasizing key milestones and the supportive environment at Athletic Studio. View this post on Instagram   A post shared […]

Why Your Training Program Shouldn’t Be Completely Enjoyable

Your program must be designed to train you a little bit outside of your comfort zone to create either or both metabolic and muscular adaptations. Get fitter or stronger. If your program is too easy, there’d be nothing for your muscles to adapt to. There are 3 main energy systems (ATP, Anaerobic & Aerobic) and […]

3 Ways To Get Into Photoshoot Ready Shape

I’ve trained for 3 photoshoots in 3 different ways, each process teaching me how to maintain muscle and strip body-fat at different stages of my life. Stages in my life where I had the time to train 2 times per day and stages in my life where work and business took more of a priority […]

How Shift Workers Can Lose Body-Fat Effortlessly

If you’re a shift worker working in the hospital, health care, aged care and/or protective services it can be hard to get yourself motivated to get back into the gym to improve your fitness and shred body-fat. Your sleep cycle is already the opposite of a natural circadian rhythm, you’re on your feet all day […]

What To Look For When Choosing A Personal Trainer

You know what you want to achieve with your health and fitness goal and now you’re looking for a personal trainer to help you execute. You want that appointment booked in and you want to know that for that 1-Hour you’re maximising every bit of your time training for your goals. You want expertise AND […]

A Nutrition & Training System That Works Everytime

(Athletic Studio founder & head trainer Gordon writing the programs and working with worldwide E-Commerce fitness program BodyBoss.) Many people are on a hamster wheel when it comes to their nutrition and training. They want results from losing weight, seeing themsleves get fitter and stronger, having more energy, be able to recover from injuries they’ve […]

4 Stages When Achieving Your Best Health & Fitness

Stage 1: Aware, But IDGAF Right Now At this stage it’s not a priority. You’re deep in career mode, making bank, making your mark in your industry. You’re starting, growing and looking after your family. Either way you’re happy to let health and fitness drop down a few rungs on your priorities list. You’re ok […]

How To Use A Fitness Tracker For Fat Loss

The difference between being fit and healthy to shredded is in the details. Your Apple Watch, Fitbit, Garmin, Whoop Strap or Oura Ring will have all the data needed to interpret what’s happening with your daily activity. From there you can see trends and make necessary adjustments to keep your results going in the right […]

Why Intermittent Fasting Can Be Bad For You

IF (Intermittent Fasting) can be bad for you if you’re not very good at handling stress or if you have a high stress load. I’ve personally had success applying IF in my early training days when my goal was weight loss. When I started training I was 100kg and through IF and shitty exercise routines […]