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Case Study: How 4 Men Transformed Their Physique and How You Can Too

It doesn’t matter what your training goal is what we do know for sure is that your nutrition, training and ongoing programs should be specifically tailored to you.

Here are 4 separate case studies on how we got Scott, Amlan, Jawin and Jack jacked. You’ll also discover what type of training method, nutrition strategies and coaching guidance works best for you.

Case Study 1: Scott


Body-fat %: 16.6% to 10%

Training Frequency: 3 to 4 X week

Training Methods: Fat loss through weight training

Background: Busy individual who travelled frequently

Phase 1:

The first step we did with Scott was get him on a structured training program training 3 to 4 X week whilst also cleaning up his nutrition. We started by keeping things gluten and dairy free for an initial period to see results. He was eating animal protein at every meal and we also had him still eating carbs around his training time with his meals before and after training.

His initial training phase was fat loss through weight training where we focused on strengthening imbalances such as the lower back, hip flexors and refining his movement and technique. He would also be getting stronger each week and progressively training hard.

Phase 2 & 3:

Scott progressed through the initial stages quickly so as he was utilising his nutrition to train harder, having carbs everyday around his training time we switched to a depletion and re-feed system with his nutrition.

This method was only able to work well because he was still having carbs everyday, if he wasn’t it would only cause too much stress on his body.

Here’s what his most advanced nutrition system looked like:

Monday – Low carb (30g carbs w last meal)

Tuesday – Low carb (30g carbs w last meal)

Wednesday – Low carb (30g carbs w last meal)

Thursday – Low carb (30g carbs w last meal)

Friday – Low carb (30g carbs w last meal)

Saturday – High carb (200g carbs spread throughout the day)

Sunday – Medium carb (150g carbs spread throughout the day)

To compliment his nutrition in this phase his training had to be “glycogen depleting” workouts through strength training. Most people would simply run but we find this to be silly as there’s no stimulus provided on your muscles to keep it there. If you want to look good whilst dropping body-fat you still want to weight training. We had his scheme here around 10-15 reps and hit each muscle part with 20-25 sets per week.

Case Study 2: Amlan


Body-fat %: 18.9% to 13%

Training Frequency: 4 to 5 X week

Training Methods: Strength and Fat loss w Weight Training

Background: Had been training on his own but wanted to go next level

Phase 1:

Amlan had gone through phases of training on his own and training with training partners. He really wanted to step things up and what he wanted from us the most was to push him during training. We knew that this wasn’t going to get him what he wanted, what we did focus on however was yes his nutrition, but also excelling his training technique, properly engaging his muscles when he was training and also strengthening his weakness so he could push harder on his own.

Phase 2 & 3:

Similar to Scott we had Amlan having carbs around his training time in the initial phases. Unless someone is already really lean and training hard, rarely do they deserve carbs outside of their training schedule.

We utilise the skin-fold measurements of their back (sub-scap), love handles (supra-iliac) and stomach (umbilical) to determine each person’s initial carb tolerance. As Amlan was having carbs everyday and getting leaner, fitter and stronger 5-6 weeks away from him going on holidays to India we put him on a similar nutrition system to Scott, the depletion and re-feed system.

Now that he’s back we’ve got him on a Training Day and Rest Day nutrition cycle where he’s having carbs every day and creating his body-composition changes through improving his training performance.

His current training split looks like this:

Monday – Upper Power/Strength

Tuesday – Lower Power/Strength

Wednesday – Complete Rest

Thursday – Upper Hypertrophy (Tri-Sets)

Friday – Lower Hypertrophy (Tri-Sets)

Saturday – Shoulders & Arms

Sunday – Complete Rest

As a goal focused individual he can focus on his strength at the start of the week increasing his numbers, also utilising any extra energy from a “carb up/cheat meal” and towards the end of the week he can train hard, grow some muscles and get an awesome pump.

Case Study 3: Jawin


Body-fat %: 25.2% to 14%

Training Frequency: 4 to 5 X week

Training Methods: Fat loss w Weight Training

Background: Studying Law F/T and working

Phase 1:

Jawin started as a beginner in the gym so the main focus was to build his confidence in finding his way around the gym, learning his to execute and train properly and also to strengthen his joints, imbalances and muscles.

Beginners are great because right off the bat they learn the right technique and how to train properly, there’s no period of time where they’re unlearning bad habits. Jawin simply coming into the gym training 4 to 5 X week, following basic nutritional guidance was getting him results.

Phase 2 & 3:

Once he got confident training on his own we obviously got him training a bit harder and getting stronger, also providing him with nutrition to energise those workouts. The main difference with Jawin compared to Scott and Amlan was that he was never on a more aggressive nutrition system, Jawin’s approach was way more relaxed and gave him the freedom to eat foods that fit his macronutrient goals.

Here’s how Jawin got flexible with his nutrition:

  • We coached him on how to use the Apps My Macro’s + and Calorie King AU
  • We set him up with daily nutritional targets (Protein, Carbs and Fats)
  • He fit foods he wanted to eat within those targets and focused on improving his training performance

Now just because we gave Jawin the freedom to pick and choose his own foods, it wasn’t a green light to go Gung-Ho and eat pizza everyday. Quality matters and you want both a combination of quality and quantity.

Case Study 4: Jack


Body-fat %: 11.6% to 10.1%

Lean Muscle: 55kg to 64kg

Training Frequency: 4 X week

Training Methods: Weight Training

Background: Studying F/T and working

Phase 1:

Similar to Jawin Jack started off as a complete beginner in the gym so the main thing was simply getting him comfortable with weight training, strength training and strengthening his body. Nutrition for Jack was simple as he came in already quite lean, we made sure he was having a source of protein at every meal and carbs to enhance his training performance.

The goal for Jack was to build lean muscle and for an ectomorph body-type he was more tolerant to having carbs at more of his meals throughout the day.

Phase 2 & 3

New weight trainers always get good results at the start if they’re doing things correctly. Jack was getting results focusing on his own training and increasing his performance by between 2-5kg’s on each exercise per week (progressive overload). He was seeing us 1 X week for a PT session and would do the remaining days of his training program on his own, of course he asked us for help when he needed it.

As his training and strength has progressed (his back squat is over 100kg for reps right now) we cycle his nutrition and training to keep him refreshed, lean and keep him getting stronger.

Jacks typical training phases in cycles:

Month 1: Building Fitness 10-15 Reps

Month 2: Functional Strength 6-8 Reps

Month 3: Hypertrophy (Drop Set Method 8-15 Reps)

Month 4: Strength 5X5

If you’re always training in hypertrophy rep ranges there’s going to be a point where you plateau. It’s beneficial to go into a phase of strength training to tap into more muscle fibres which you can then use to get stronger in your next hypertrophy training block.

If you’re always progressing, your body is going to look amazing.

Aim for minimal output and maximum results. This will come back down to creating a smart nutrition and training program that’s suited to your body and keeps you progressing so you don’t burn out.

Have you got a training goal in mind? Let us help by booking in a consultation today where we’ll get started by finding out what nutrition and training method is going to best fit you in the beginning and by also introducing you to training how you should be to get the results you’re after.


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