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Breaking Through the Plateau: 11 Reasons Your Fitness and Training Progress Has Stalled

Since 2010, training countless high achieving men and women achieve their body transformations and change their life through nutrition and training, here are the common plateau’s we bust through and how you can do it too with Athletic Studio:

1. You Prioritised Career, Business and / or Family:

You value time, the more hours you put in, the further you get with your career, business and family stability; but only up to a point. Sitting at your desk until 8pm with your 6th cup of coffee in hand and going to your 10th work dinner that week is going to burn you out and your body isn’t going to be in an optimal state to train, rest, recover and get the results you want.

You can have it all.

You just can’t let out of sight your training, rest and recovery. When you’re mentally and physically fit, you’ll be more efficient in getting more done in a shorter amount of time. Success is an amplifier so the higher up the ladder you get, the more people will see if you’re mentally and physically fit for the role.

You can fake competence with stimulants, 6 cups of coffee a day and a fake smile but we both know it’s only a matter of time before you lose control, hate yourself and everyone else around you. Let go of the control, make time for your own training goals and you’ll be surprised how much easier things get for you.

At Athletic Studio, we work closely with our clients to plan periods of harder nutrition and training methods and rest to coincide with what their week, month and year looks like.

Planning ahead and being organised is key.

2. You’re Doing What Everyone Else Is Doing e.g. Group Classes:

Group classes or “busy work” as I like to call it, is the equivalent of getting in your 10,000 steps for the day. It’s good for you, but it’s not going to dramatically change your body, fitness and training performance.

The group training structure isn’t optimally designed for it, that’s why you don’t see fitness models, bodybuilders or celebrities that have transformed their body doing group classes.

Timed workouts – Not suitable for body transformations as you want to be training close to a proximity of failure. This has more to do with weight lifted X reps more than time.

Pairs or groups – Limiting your speed of progress as you’re having to share equipment and lift at the level your partner or group is, which is holding you back.

Community – Classes are tailored to high agreeable people and trainers. It makes it less likely someone is going to come up and correct your form or tell you you’re slacking off and you can perform better. Getting an extra 5% from your training sessions over the course of a year will make a big difference.

At Athletic Studio, we treat you as an individual and tailor everything from your nutrition, training, coaching and communication style to you.

We do what’s going to get you results fast.

3. Pilates, Kieser, Long Walks & YouTube Home Workouts Isn’t Training:

Show me a yoga, Keiser or pilates studio with transformation photo’s and I’ll start Athletic Studio Pilates classes tomorrow! Yeah, it’s not going to happen because you’ll never find one.

Yoga, Pilates, Keiser, Walks & Home Workouts are all lower intensity workouts, which if you value time, can be an enormous waste of time if you’re looking at ROI.

You get all of the core strength, core stability and stretching benefits of those classes and more with professional weight training and resistance training. What you won’t get from Yoga & Pilates is increases in lean muscle mass, more efficient fat burning due to higher training outputs and increases in bone density.

At Athletic Studio, clients have individualised training programs that improve their stability, flexibility, strength and fitness.

4. You Have Limiting Beliefs Around Injuries You Had 10 Years Ago:

If your physio or specialist has cleared you to start exercising again from the operation you had on your knee or shoulder 10 years ago, you can start training again. If you haven’t been training to bulletproof your body or to give yourself the reassurance that your body can be under physical stress without pain, you’re making it worse and making it mentally harder for you to come back and train.

It’s having the correct plan, exercises, weight selection and load management that will give you the confidence to continually train harder without getting injured, which is always going to be better for your results.

At Athletic Studio we have a physical assessment where we know what progressions to take with you from exercise to exercise so you can train safely without it hindering your training intensity.

5. You’re On The Dieting & Training Fad Hamster Wheel:

If you were a robot, dieting and training fads would work. Unfortunately our bodies are physiologically changing depending on its needs. E.g. an AFL footballer whose body has become accustomed to training 2 X a day and running over 12 km’s a game, needs a high calorie, high protein, high carb and low to moderate fat diet.

You, with 20-30% body-fat, sitting in an office and training 3 X per week for 1-hour might be better starting with a lower calorie, high protein, low carb and moderate fat diet, until your body-fat % decreases and your fitness levels increase.

You need to eat for you, depending on your current metabolic profile, fitness goal and training program. This changes as your body changes and energy demands change e.g. your fitness and strength increases; that’s why only the first 2 weeks of a fad nutrition diet works; it often needs changing after that.

At Athletic Studio we tailor and change your nutrition plan for you when needed and empower you with the knowledge to know what works exactly for your body in different situations.

6. You’re Not Prioritising Professional Weight Training for Body Composition Methods:

Not only does the science matter when training for weight loss and body composition, the structure and phases in which you plan out your training over the course of weeks and months matters too, to support your recovery and ongoing performance progress.

If you had a personal trainer working out of their garage or you were seeing them outdoors, I guarantee you, they wouldn’t have the tools to train you at the level or intensity needed to ensure you keep seeing progress.

You would have hit your ceiling of potential fast.

The science and planning to train for ongoing body composition results require individualised exercise selection, certain number of weeks in a fat loss or hypertrophy phase, certain number of weeks in strength gaining phases to better optimise future fat loss and hypertrophy phases and a wider variety of training stimulus so you don’t get bored and continue to enjoy and be excited about your training.

At Athletic Studio we have experienced, results proven coaches and a world class training facility with equipment designed for every training goal.

7. You Prefer The Hard Way, Rather Than The Easy Way:

Rather than go straight to the best, somewhere results proven and where you know they can help to finally resolve your burning desires and questions, you’d rather save a buck continuing trying to do it on your own or with a cheaper service.

It might be less stressful now, you stay in your comfort zone but 1-year later you’re still in the same position. That doesn’t seem like the easy way to me.

It’s easier and faster to leverage an expert’s knowledge, experience and be told exactly what to do. This leaves you with more time and energy to do other things in life which are important. To amplify the experience, trust yourself to get the results you want too. If you don’t trust yourself, trust the process.

At Athletic Studio we work with clients for their goal outcome, we don’t expect clients to keep doing PT for life. We teach them tools they can use for life. That’s why so many of our clients continue to live a healthy and fit lifestyle after doing personal training with us.

8. You’re Oversimplifying Weight Loss & Fitness:

A juice cleanse, less calories and exercising more isn’t going to cut it for long term sustainable results. Even for rapid fat loss results, over simplified methods don’t work.

To look and feel out of this world, the details matter.

Average daily steps per week
Total calories a day
Protein per day
Carbs per day
Fats per day
Food sensitivities
Stress levels
Sleep duration and quality
Exercises, reps, sets & intensity
Rest days

Get everything dialled in specifically for you and your goals and you’ll be on fire.

At Athletic Studio we work closely with clients to monitor all their biofeedback markers efficiently and coach clients how to maximise their results with the most minimal or maximal dose depending on the client.

9. You Care Too Much About What Your Friends, Family & Colleagues Think:

If you’re on a health kick, own it and stick to it. “Good times” with your friends, family and colleagues will always be there. If anything you’ll enjoy them more being the healthier version of yourself you want to be.

It’s ok to say no to non urgent work dinners
It’s ok to order a chicken salad at the pizza and pasta restaurant
It’s ok to bring your prepared healthy meal to a family or work function
It’s ok to stop hanging out with a friend whose values you don’t align with anymore

Your vibe attracts your tribe and it’s normal for friends, family and colleagues to feel uncomfortable around you if they’re not used to you being fit and healthy. What’s important is that you don’t lower your standards or level of expectations to meet theirs to make them feel comfortable again.

They’ll either get used to it or they won’t.

At Athletic Studio we have a holistic coaching approach with clients to come up with solutions, strategies and plans to ensure their training goals are still being achieved when situations arise.

10. Tick Off The Bucket List Item:

If you want to experience what peak physical conditioning, a body transformation or completing a sporting event looks like and feels like for you, get it done. It’s amazing what a level of investment and a hard deadline can do for you.

Book in a photoshoot
Aim to look better than your best for your wedding
Go into a summer holiday in peak condition
Train for a marathon or triathlon
Train for a fitness competition

The sooner you get it done, the sooner you can move on with your life without having to think about “what if”. You’ll never be in a perfect environment to make these deadline events happen unless you want to be jobless and living out of your parents basement. From experience, you always find a way and clients always find a way.

Getting up to attend your 6am PT sessions is easier and you’ll never miss a session when you know you’ve invested X amount of money to go on a summer holiday where you’ve also bought new clothes and swimmers for.

At Athletic Studio we have a complete planning and support system for clients with hard deadline day goals to achieve their bucket list fitness dreams.

11. You’ve Never Experienced A Top Level Nutrition & Training Coaching Service:

Try on Lululemon underwear and cycling merino wool socks for a day and you won’t go back, the comfort levels are 12 out of 10, but you’d never know to try it if I didn’t tell you about it. You might have just assumed regular cotton underwear and socks are good enough for you and everyone.

You only know what you know and until you’ve experienced the highest level of product and service in a given industry, there’s always room for you to keep levelling up to see if you can get better results, faster.

There are bad lawyers and good lawyers.
There are bad doctors and good doctors.
There are bankers that lose money and bankers that make money.

This is the same when choosing a Personal Trainer, you can get a bad inexperienced one or a good experienced one.

A top level personal training service will make you:

Feel confident that they know what they’re doing
Feel confident that they know what they’re talking about
Feel confident that you’re going to get results with them
Feel confident that they understand your history and goals
Feel confident that they’ve helped others in the same situation
Feel confident that you can be yourself around them
Feel confident that they will hold you accountable
Feel confident that they’ll provide you with the support you need

If they’ve got it right, you should be relaxed when working with them.

There should hardly be any tension when it comes to deciding if they’re the right personal trainer for you because they’ve answered all your questions.

By then they’re either a right fit for you, or not.

At Athletic Studio, all clients before starting training with us go through a 15-minute introductory call and a complimentary 1-hour personal training session, where it gives the potential client an experience of how they would be training in the studio with their trainer, and gives the trainer the information needed about the client so they can start executing on their nutrition and training programs as soon as they decide to formally commence training.

This is the most streamline process for clients to know if we’re the right fit for them.

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