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8 Reasons Why You Stopped Getting Results with Group Training Classes

Here’s the thing about group training.

It’s fun at the start.

1. You may get results at the start but you will plateau.

Your body is an adaptive machine and if you’re doing the same class every week it’s going to use to that very quickly.

2. The instructor is not giving you specific advice and guidance for your results.

They have other people to look after in the class. This is going to affect your ceiling of progression and your standard of training. Your standard of training is only going to be as good as the rest of the class and/or your instructors.

3. You’re doing a lot of busy work.

Sled, battle ropes, burpees, running, jumping and 1/2 squats here and there. Nothing wrong with it but for a whole 45 minutes to an hour? Come on you’re not actually improving anything but raising your heart rate. It’s probably why your body isn’t changing anymore aside from the initial weight loss that happened in the beginning.

4. How will the instructor know when it’s time to taper your training up or down.

Have you done a few high intensity classes and thought to yourself “Crap I’m burnt out. How much more can I do?”. The fitter and more advanced you get the more likely it is that your nutrition is going to have to support your more advanced level of training. This is where you don’t get specific guidance. Don’t expect to eat the same amount of food and always be able to train harder. There will be a point where you will hit a wall.

5. You don’t have to think about it. You can jump into a class and go through the motions.

THATS A PROBLEM. You DO want to be thinking about it. You want to be thinking about if you’re doing your exercise correctly, if you’re engaging the right muscles, if you’re working hard enough, what you could be doing better etc. You want to be thinking about these things because you want to be confident that you’re getting the most out of your training session. When you get good you can think less because it’s then natural.

6. You’re not spending time developing pure strength.

You’ve been doing your 12kg kettlebell swings and that’s what you’ve been doing for the past 3-4 months. The only way you think you can get more out of your workout is to swing it harder and faster. You need to spend time developing pure strength so you can do the whole class and a whole other level. That’s how you will keep progressing.

7. Professional athletes don’t jump into a class and train all out.

More often than not their training is planned, structured and methodical aiming to peak at a certain time or event. They do this because they know it’s a long game and not a short game. The better they can take care of their body the less they’re going to get injured, the less they’re going to plateau and the more likely it is they’re going to keep getting better and better over a period of time.

8. Nutritional guidance is often a standard blanket approach.

“Here group, eat this”. Not everyone has the time to eat 6 meals a day protein and vegetables. Especially the executives, business owners and professionals that I see in the gym everyday. They have life to do. Without compliance there’s no results. It helps to be flexible to the individual if their goal is to make it a long lasting approach.

Group training is fun.
That’s about it.


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