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6 Smart Training Tips for Busy Business Owners & Executives

You run your own business or have the responsibilities of managing the day to day activities. This requires back to back meetings, coaching, dealing with staff, making sales, always being “on” and even travelling regularly overseas and interstate.

This takes up a lot of your time.

The last thing you want to do at the end of the day is to get into the gym and train.

You know it would be good for you but at this point you probably won’t even have the time and energy to because when it’s not work, it’s family, taking care of the kids, resting and relaxing so you’re on point for next day.

Your energy is limited and you can only give out so much; that energy is important.

Here’s the thing…

Even though you might not be putting in the effort now or seeing the ROI on your health and fitness regimen; you VALUE everything that has to do with physical training. You know how much more enjoyable and efficient life is when that space is taken care of:

  • You wear the clothes you want with confidence
  • You have time to zone out, de-stress and focus on you
  • You stand out in a crowd, not needing attention for your looks or your brains because you’re confident in them both
  • You can get away with training less and eating more because your fitness and metabolism is operating like you’re in your early 20’s
  • You know you can hold your own when it comes to sport; your partner and kids will even think you’re a superman

You were born a competitor, playing sports and being active. It’s natural for you to always be doing something active and with business and responsibilities sometimes that can get in the way of your health and fitness regime.

We’ve been lucky enough to achieve some great transformations and results for the business owners and professionals that train with us.

Here’s our best training tips for you to maximise your results without sacrificing more of your time:

1. Your Training Regime Needs to Be To-The-Point & Specific

Ultimately you shouldn’t be in the gym or doing any physical activity to waste time (unless you’re on leisure time or holidays). Know exactly what it is that you’re training for and what your most important goal is.

Some good examples:

  • Look good, feel good and improve mental clarity (So you can make the most of your weekend events and cheat meals and get away with it)
  • Train to maintain my lifestyle and not get worse
  • Train for X event (E.g. sport, triathlon, strong AF) and not let it effect my work
  • Strip body-fat but I only want to train 3-4 X per week
  • Recover from injuries and get fit training X amount of times per week

The more in-depth and specific the better; you’re more likely to stick to your regime and succeed knowing that it’s aligned with everything else that you have going on.

A bad example of goal setting:

  • Train to lose body-fat with no realistic frequency or time frame

This person could start training 4-5 X per week aiming to lose body-fat taking an aggressive approach but because they haven’t taken into consideration other work and life responsibilities they get burnt out, overwhelmed, find it too hard and then quit saying it’s too hard.

The more realistic the better – 5 sessions per week is not necessarily better than 3 sessions per week. Results will come down to what you’re specially training on the days that you train, how you execute your training, how you nourish your body and your recovery outside of training.

IT Guru Amlan getting it done with 4 sessions/week in 8 weeks.

Note on To-The-Point & Specific:

If you run or cycle to lose weight that’s ridiculous, you have to look at who’s doing it the most effectively and how are they doing it. In this case weight training by body transformation specialists is the most effective for weight and fat loss.

A soccer player isn’t going to spend the majority of their training time playing AFL, that would be stupid and a waste of time.

2. Assess So You Don’t Need to Guess

Similar to business and professional development everything from knowing your personality type, health, nutrition, training history, body type and goals will help determine what training structure and style is going to best suit you.

This is next level stuff you’re not going to get with a regular gym or group training membership.

Personality Type:

Using the DISC assessment as an example if you’re a D-type you know what you want and when you want it. Your training would work best by being as direct as you explaining your goals, getting given your nutrition and training programs and then you’re on way, tracking and measuring your results along the way.

If you’re a C-type you’re going to want to understand the reasoning behind your nutrition and training programs so you can carefully plan and execute. Going ahead with your training with confidence.

Bella Box Founder Sarah Hamilton prefers less talk and more training “I know I need to train, just tell me what to do!” – We’re in the process of getting her strong.

Neurotransmitter Balance:

You can take the online Braverman Test to find out the which of the 4 main neurotransmitters you’re dominant and deficient it which can help make your nutrition and training more efficient so you don’t waste time.

An Acetylcholine dominant person with GABA deficiency will be more suited to both strength and hypertrophy training continually seeing themselves improve (as they’re somewhat goal driven). However outside of training they’ll need to be nutritionally supporting or have lifestyle habits such as meditating that helps their body produce more GABA which helps the calming down of their nervous system. Otherwise they’re always going to “on” which can lead to increase anxiety, poor sleep, poor recovery and less training results.

Body-Fat % & Body-Type:

Knowing where your body-fat % is and what your body-type is; is also going to help determine what type of training is going to be best for your goals. Someone who is 30% body-fat and wants to be 15% training 3 X week is not going to benefit from pure low rep strength training, they’ll need to deplete more glycogen stores so initially higher rep training with lower rest is going to be more beneficial here.

Someone between 10-15% body-fat may get more efficient results with a mixture of both pure low rep strength training and higher rep hypertrophy training.

Your weight, body-fat%, body-type and goals will also determine what will be a suitable nutritional starting point for you. How many calories, proteins, carbs and fats.

Nutrition & Training History:

Can you only fit in 3-4 meals with your work schedule? Do you want to enjoy evening meals or weekend dinners with family and friends without it affecting your training goals? Depending on the goal each meal is going to require a specific macronutrient split between how much protein, carbs and fats should be in each meal.

That’s going to help your manipulate your nutrition so you can have the best of both worlds, enjoy life and still get training results.

For a busy executive looking to strip stubborn body-fat this could be more protein and fats from breakfast to mid afternoon and carbs after training and at night when the muscles are more sensitive to absorbing them.

As this person gets leaner they can manipulate their nutrition to get away with more carbs.

All of the above tests can be tracked and measured. That’s the good thing about it and there’s no guessing game. You know your nutrition and training is specific to your goals and you have the data to back it up.

You know even though you’re training 3-4 X per week you’re still going to get results; you don’t have to spend more time in the gym or training than you need to.

Business owner Scott travelled interstate frequently yet still achieved results training 3-4 X a week with specific nutrition in line with his assessments and goals.

3. Outsource Your Training

Not the physical stuff as you’re not going to be able to get someone to do the physical training and exercise for you but what you can do is get someone to write up your nutrition and training programs for you.

Better yet is that they’ll also be able to do all the assessments for you and keep track of how you’re going.

If you did this on your own it would take you more than an hour and worse is that you wouldn’t even be completely sure that the plan you make is going to work.

  • What exercises am I going to do?
  • How am I going to train?
  • How many meals do I eat and when?
  • What type of meals do I eat?
  • What program do I go on after my current one ends?

All of this depletes your energy and brain power which you can better utilise somewhere else.

Have someone else do it all for you.

Ultimately this will save you time and money if you’re leveraging your health and fitness in the right way. If you’re more body confident, feeling fit and strong and having tonnes more energy you should be working more efficiently and producing a better quality output in business and in life.

By spending money on it, you’ll also value it more and show up.

4. When Travelling Prepare For Success

As a busy individual your time is valuable, make things as convenient as possible for you to stay fit and healthy. Have a gym membership that’s close to work, stay in a hotel that has a gym, do a 1-time research on all the healthy places you can eat around work or wherever you’ll be travelling to.

Lawyer Josie training her Deficit Snatch Grip Deadlift; getting fit and strong for her Euro holiday.

5. Don’t Stress, Training Breaks Are Good

Sometimes you’re not going to be able to get your training session or meal in; that’s OK. You’re human. What I find to be the most important factor for busy individuals is ensuring they have training longevity. One thing that kills training longevity is burn out. You want to strategically plan out your health and fitness goals.

It doesn’t need to be optimal and best results right now and all the time. You can take your time and set small goals throughout the year.

Start of Year – Get Back Into Shape

Train Hard

Mid Year – Overseas Trip | Training Break

Train Hard

End of Year – Enjoy Holidays | Training Break

By having a training break, work break or something to look forward to you’re taking advantage of a process called super-compensation; you purposely train hard and be more strict with your nutrition, when you rest your body will super compensate and you’ll feel fitter, stronger, more rested and you’ll have more energy.

Always have a holiday or rest break booked into your schedule.

6. Always Be Setting New Training Goals

As goal driven person you should always be on the lookout for what you’re going to be achieving next with your training. If you don’t have your next goal in mind it’s going to lead to stagnation and complacency; momentum is key.

Choose a sport or activity you enjoy and aim to be your best in it. Once you’ve achieved it move on to the next thing. What’s most important here is once again managing your nutrition and energy so you don’t burn out. As long as you’re nourishing your body correctly, training efficiently there’s no reason why you can’t keep training hard and doing life as well.

E.g. of my thinking ahead training goals.

  1. Body composition (fat loss) – Done
  2. Photoshoot – Done
  3. Fitness Comp – Not yet done
  4. Olympic Lifting – Not yet done
  5. Sporting Event or Team Sport – Not yet done

For you it could be different; another e.g.

  1. Body composition (get in shape)
  2. Learning how to train for your body (get fit)
  3. Sporting events
  4. Training for life (enjoy weekends, holidays and events)
  5. Keep getting fit and strong AF

You can achieve any health and fitness goal you want to with the correct initial assessments and planning.

Do you have your next training in goal in mind? We can help. Our individualised training packages provide an efficient full service when it comes to your nutrition, training, initial and ongoing assessments plus in person one-on-one personal training so you learn how to do it all the right way.

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