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5 Things I Learnt at Applied Muscle Testing (Kiniseology)

Are you taking a bunch of supplements but not quite sure if which is one is working for you? Or IF they’re actually working for you? What if you’ve been eating soothing over the last couple of weeks and you have a feeling that it’s making you uncomfortable; bloated, irregular bowel movements or you just don’t feel as optimal.

What if you can get all that tested in real time? That would be pretty good wouldn’t it.

That’s where I was this weekend; learning about muscle testing. The art of it, the science of it and the practicality of it. Muscle testing works on the same premise as applied kinesiology where it uses your body along with Chinese acupuncture points to test muscles as feedback to determine which exact nutrients, foods, supplements and even exercise programming is specifically optimal for you.

I’ll be honest when I was first introduced to it; it was a bit of woohoo magic and I wasn’t quite convinced. I knew other trainers had gotten good results with it in the past and I knew it was a mixture with natural therapy and physiology. Seeing Bob Guiel test members at a seminar I was attending back in July amazed me. I was seeing all these legs immediately drop when pushed on an acupuncture point when all the participants needed to do was simply resist light pressure from his hand which they couldn’t do.

It was my turn to get on the table.

I was laying flat on the table; he went through a process called clearing which he wiped down my legs and then tested my polarity by me having to apply resistance from my leg to his hand. I would put index finger palm side down right at the top of my nose and my leg would be strong. He told me to flip my index finger so palm side would be facing up and bam my resistance from my leg was 50-60% noticeably weaker.

I was in polarity. Which is a good thing. He went on and started testing my immune system points and I didn’t think he found any weakness. I resisting with my leg really hard; I knew I was healthy and I wasn’t going to have this system tell me I’m not; especially in front of 20 other students.

I was going good, my leg was strong, breezing through immune system points. Strong as an ox. Then he started testing GI tract and gut points. He goes through the system so fast that I don’t really know what he’s testing at this point but all I knew was then when he put his hand on my large intestine/colon point my leg just went “WHOOMP”. Dropped dead, even with my trying with all my might to resist him. I couldn’t believe it and my trainer on the other side of the room, who has done the course before yells out “Gordi, WHAT DID YOU EAT?”

I knew exactly what I ate mate. The previous night was cheat meal night and I had a donut from Donut Time. Hardly gluten free and hardly any good for my digestive system. I knew the best tactic to get out of this scenario was to own it. I let it be known to the other students, my trainer and master Bob that it was the donut. They had good laugh and I sat right back down eager to watch the next participant experience the working of applied muscle testing.

Applied muscle testing is not the the same as AK; it’s different and the guru behind all this Dr Bob Guil has gotten awesome results for his clients ranging from anxiety, digestive issues, sleep disorders and weight gain.

The master practitioners that I learnt from this weekend Mark Ottobre and Chris Churchwood have also gotten crazy results for their clients ranging from being apply to apply specific nutrition and supplementation protocols for leaner legs, optimal health and performance.

Here are 5 Things That I Learnt this Weekend:

1. Muscle testing for food sensitivities can clear immune and distestive pathways in the body if your body want’s it out. If testing sensitive to a food it is possible with digestive enzymes that your body can then digest and absorb the food. Magnesium is an energy production mineral and not necessarily a relaxant, post workout, pre bed mineral. It plays an important role in energy production and if deficient in it supplementing in the morning can even be beneficial. It depends on the person and type of magnesium (for e.g. Magnesium Glycinate). (2 in 1 point)

2. You don’t need to take maximum dose to make a maximum effect. For e.g. We tested a guy who is competing in five weeks for a powerlifting competition and he tested good for BCAA’s post workout meaning his body wanted BCAA’s post workout. (We tested him after training) Most would assume and especially with a lot of the content out their on the internet with BCAA’s a man of his strength and intensity during a workout would need to consume between at least 30-40g of BCAA’s. What was optimal for him was only 9g’s of BCAA’s.

3. What you think may be optimal for a particular scenario may not be the case. With the same guy we tested; his post workout protocol included inositol and some other neurological calming supplements. It makes sense because his workouts are so demanding neurologically that his best post workout supplement for him would be a neurological calming one instead of both BCAA’s and a carb powder; if he had the choice of only choosing one.

4. The most important area to support will have a positive effect on other pathways. For e.g. if you think you have digestive issues and problems with your gut; is it due to a food sensitivity, food intolerance, heavy metals or is it your thoughts causing you anxiety which is affective your gut health? If it was anxiety than we could support that with calming nutrients such as inositol and 5-HTP which would then have a more positive effect on gut health because the main problem wasn’t a food sensitivity causing gut issues; but it was anxiety.

5. When muscle testing the key is supporting optimal health and methylation. Methylation is a biochemical process which is found in nearly all functions in our body such as repairing DNA, repairing muscles and fighting toxins. The body is meant to age but the more optimally our body is able to recover, repair, regenerate and rebuild cells than the slower our bodies are going to age and they healthier your body will be. The body works as a whole, one system can affect the other. If it all works synergistically in harmony than that is better.


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