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5 Mindset Attributes for a Stunning Transformation

Mindset is key to an amazing transformation. You can have the best nutrition and training plan available to you but the simple fact is if you don’t have the mindset required to execute on it than it’s not going to work.

Discipline, commitment, motivation and drive.
Surprisingly they’re NOT the attributes you need to excel.

When you’re good at what you do you’ve already acquired those skills.
You know what you need to do and you know you just have to go out there and do it.

And that’s where the problem lies.
Getting there and doing it; executing.

“Oh but it’s so easy to stay in bed right now. It’s so easy to keep doing what I’m doing. It’s enough to get by. I’ll get to it later. I’ll go to the gym when I get the time, after I’ve done X”. You probably will but both you and I know that’s you playing small.

Your next transformation is going to leave a legacy. It’s going to change your physical health and wellness but more importantly it’s also going to help and inspire others.

Mindset TIP 1: Your goal is bigger than you.

If you did better look after your health and fitness how much more could you give and how much more could you do? Towards career, business, family, coaching, teaching and inspiring? Would your confidence levels be different? Would you be able to spend your leisure time differently or create something awesome of more value?

These are the questions you should ask yourself.

You taking care of your health and fitness is going to benefit you for sure but more importantly how is it going to be of value to the people most important to you and how is it going to better serve your purpose?

Mindset TIP 2: Be vulnerable at times.

We all appreciate independence, knowing you’re capable of learning and doing things on your own but to honest that’s you playing small. Sure you look awesome with your vibe of independence but how much time and energy are you wasting trying to figure out what it is that you don’t know on your own?

Your time is better served on growth, your purpose and getting actual results.

When it’s not working, ask for help. Preferably from someone who you trust or who you’ve done your homework on. It will give you clarity, more confidence and more information which you can then take on board to better streamline your transformation.

Note: Asking for help from the wrong people can make you go backwards.

By not being vulnerable and asking for help you’re doing a disservice to yourself, your team and your purpose.

You and them deserve the best you.

Mindset TIP 3: You won’t be liked but you will be loved.

When choosing to do something such as health and physical transformation you are going to build more self confidence. You’re going to have more energy to do things more efficiently, you might achieve the body transformation of your dreams which makes you more confident to wear the clothes you want to wear or do the things you want to do.

Some people aren’t going to like that. For them it’s going to seem like you’re behaving differently because they’re use to who you were before. They haven’t yet accepted that you’ve stepped up a notch in your own transformation and ultimately they don’t have to.

If you have those people around you don’t let it affect your growth and transformation. Limit the amount of time you spend and communicate with them. You know the confidence you’ve gained is from hard work and earning it. It isn’t faked so you shouldn’t feel like you need to hide it or dumb it down.

To them you’re a reflection of what they’re not doing or what they could be doing. For some it can be too confronting and for others they will admire it and appreciate you for who you are. For every person that doesn’t like the transformed you there will be an equal amount of people who love what you’re all about.

Take the time to find out who those people are.

Mindset TIP 4: Step up and own it.

After you’ve got clarity on your purpose and why it is that you want to make a stunning transformation step up and own it. Make it your responsibility to work on it everyday and be successful at it.

There will be setbacks and things won’t always go your way. In the health and physical transformation space you might need to invest more time initially in the beginning to set up your routine with training and meals. After you get your routine down pat and you get good you will get your time back. You also might get sick, injured, motivation isn’t as strong as it was the day before or you have to travel for work.

That’s all part of the process.

What’s important is you control what you can control. Work to find a better way for next time if you come across an obstacle and stay focused on your vision and purpose. Own your challenges as much as you own your successes.

Mindset TIP 5: Strategise everything in advance.

People lose momentum because they don’t know what they’re going to do next. Have you seen someone achieve results only to revert back to who they were before? It’s because they weren’t thinking far enough in advance and weren’t thinking of how they could leverage their transformation towards their purpose.

Think of the Biggest Loser contestant who makes a stunning physical transformation on the show but then reverts back to their starting weight after the show. For them there’s nothing else to work for so it doesn’t seem worth it anymore to put in the time and effort.

You have to know how you’re going to celebrate, what’s going to mean the most to you and how you’re going to leverage your result to better serve your next goal. Ultimately you want to continue to make things easier, not harder.

If for you celebrating is by looking shit hot at your next event so you can take the most awesome Instagram photo’s to then leverage and excel your dating profile.

Awesome; no judgement here.

Got your strategy in place? Great, lets start executing.


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