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4 Stages When Achieving Your Best Health & Fitness

Stage 1: Aware, But IDGAF Right Now

At this stage it’s not a priority. You’re deep in career mode, making bank, making your mark in your industry. You’re starting, growing and looking after your family. Either way you’re happy to let health and fitness drop down a few rungs on your priorities list. You’re ok with the hustle and grind mentality, getting 3-4 hours sleep per night and fuelling most of your days with caffeine and adrenaline.

The only time you really feel your healthiest is when you’re on summer holidays away from the chaos.

It’s absolutely ok to be in this stage temporarily as goals don’t come without sacrifices.

Just don’t be sacrificing health and fitness for too long.

BTW, if you’re in this stage I’m really surprised you’re reading this! – Hi my names Gordon.

Stage 2: I’m Ready, Lets Go

You get your calling from God, a wake up call, a milestone birthday, a look at yourself in the mirror, the kids are old enough for you not to be with them 24/7. You’ve had time to be with your own thoughts and at this stage you’re 100% ready to get into the best shape of your life.

The problem is, there’s too many theories, products and services:

  • Fasting
  • Jenny Craig
  • Water fasting (ouch)
  • Group classes
  • Pilates
  • Bodybuilding cults

The absolute worst thing you can do at this stage is choose the wrong product and service, waste your time and money, get disheartened and go back to Stage 1 before later on attempting Stage 2 again.

Learn from my experience and fast track your Stage 2 to Stage 3 by learning what works specifically for you when it comes to nutrition and training by working with a results proven coach. I was stuck in Stage 2 for years yo-yo dieting and literally running for hours on the treadmill burning off pizza calories. It wasn’t until I asked for help from a coach who gave me both the support and accountability I needed when things really started changing for the better.

When done right you can achieve your goals and get to a point where you no longer have to rely on anyone else, you’re self educated and empowered to maintain your results on your own.

Stage 3: Effortless (Where you want to be)

Here health and fitness is a breeze, it doesn’t feel like work. It’s a part of your weekly routine. You know what to eat, you know how to train. You can do a variety of different workouts, sports, hobbies and everyday life activities and have full confidence that your body is going to get through and recover.

You can eat heaps because you know how to train efficiently; and you can get away with eating more as you’re using it for fuel.

You’re not stuck to any diets.

You’re happy with your weight, body composition and how you look in clothes.

It may not be your absolute best but you’re very content because health and fitness is giving you exactly what you want out of everyday life.

Stage 4: Once In A Lifetime

This is the Big Hairy Audacious Goal and it’s what I recommend you experience at least once in your lifetime.

It’s the:

  • 6-pack abs before a holiday/wedding
  • Peak sporting performance for your chosen sport
  • Learning a new sport
  • 2-3 months of no alcohol
  • Powerlifting or fitness modelling event
  • Iron-Man event

This is the last stage in optimal health and fitness and after you’ve done one you can always revert back to Stage 3 to kick-back. Stage 4 is when you know you’ve got time to commit and tick off that extra bucket list event.

It’s super fun and somewhat relaxing, each year I do a Stage 4 event by committing anywhere between 3 months to years worth of coaching to learn a new sport. So far I’ve done a fitness model competition, tennis and golf. Next, I’ll do a martial art because I don’t know any self defence. Fingers crosssed I won’t have to come into work with a black eye.

Stage 4 is designed to only be temporary as it requires a lot of sacrifice similar to Stage 2. Instead of working on your nutrition and training, you’re working on skills, technique or paying even more attention to detail to your nutrition and training if your goals are to be shredded.

My advice is to get to Stage 3 before you do a Stage 4.

You can do a Stage 4 event and still not be 100% sure on what works for your body, a lot of sacrifice for no reason. Think of the people that do fun run events every 3 months yet still worry about their health and fitness in between.

That’s because they think the event will sort out their body, it doesn’t.

You have to sort out your health and body before you do the event.

Stage 3 is the sweet spot.



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