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11 Mindset Shifts Required for Busy Professionals to Achieve Their Dream Body

Our top strategies that have helped business owners, professionals and everyday hard workers transform their body to support a life of performance and longevity.

#1. Results Producing Time

Every hour and action of your day needs to be results producing.

Time you spend training and eating should be directed at producing a result (to feel good, give you energy, lose weight, increase strength or shred body fat). You have to know what outcome (KPI’s) needs to be produced in the time that you’re training or eating so it directly helps get you get towards your overall desired body goal.


  • What type of workout you should be doing
  • What exercises
  • How hard you should be training
  • What meals you should be eating
  • What supplements you should be taking
  • When you should be resting

Know the outcome you should be getting for each and you’ll be more confident in training towards your desired body.

#2. Assessing for Data

To find out the above you need to get assessed.

Assessing is neither good or bad, it’s to find out exactly what’s needed so you don’t waste time and to find out what you need to change if you need to.

  • Body composition (e.g. DEXA): Calories needed for you goals
  • Body type: Type of training (e.g. High reps, low reps and frequency)
  • Movement & injuries: Exercise selection
  • Lifestyle: Frequency of training
  • Food log: Difference between current and goal calories

Other data you can get are blood tests for nutrient deficiencies so you can sniper your supplements, further body type analysing to determine meal timing of when to have protein, fats and carbs and personality type testing – if you’re a goal driven person who has a training partner that likes to fluff around and talk in the middle of your set is that really the best training partner for you; or are you better off on your own.

#3. Return on Training Investment

Once you’re getting results; looking good, feeling good and performing even better, make it count. Work harder in the same amount of time, be more attractive, be so good you can’t be ignored and get whatever it is that your desired body will help you get.

Don’t worry about what other people think.

  • Get a promotion
  • Go to where people value your worth
  • Go for the next goal
  • Wear the clothes you’ve always wanted
  • Go on the holiday
  • Play with the kids

#4. Long Term & Short Term Cycles

Longevity is key if you want to get to desired body and learn how to keep it for life. Go hard and fast with your nutrition and training without an end in site and you’ll be due for burnout sooner or later.

Training intensity you can structure it as follows:

Week 1 – 80% intensity

Week 2 – 90% intensity

Week 3 – 100% intensity

Week 4 – 100% intensity

Rinse and repeat.

#5. Short Term Time Investment for Lifetime Nutrition Freedom

Want to get away with eating more treats without feeling guilty about it afterwards? Learn how to count calories and macronutrients (protein, fats and carbs). That’s how you’ll be able to get away with more flexibility.

First calculate then after you’ll be able to do it intuitively.

#6. Stop Playing Small

Activewear, going to classes that you can easily smash yet doesn’t produce any more results. You’d get bored of that pretty easily. It’s normal to outgrow situations, that’s when it’s time to move on and keep pushing yourself.

  • Find what that next level is
  • Go where you can learn the skills
  • Strengthen your weaknesses
  • Get accountable

#7. They’ll Doubt You, Then Ask How You Did It

You’ll always have people that support your goals and challenge your goals.

Even though you’re modest about your achievements it’s hard to stay under the radar if your body is physically changing week by week for everyone you spend time with to see. Can you handle it or will you succumb to the pressure and go back to the way you were?

  • Learn to say no
  • Learn how to deal with peer pressure
  • Learn how to make people feel comfortable
  • Change equals a change in habits

#8. Attention To Detail

Lifting weight from A to B only works for beginners.

If you’ve plateaued you need to apply more attention to detail with your nutrition and training.

  • Feel the muscles you’re trying to work
  • Are you working them hard enough?
  • Does your current program set you up for your next program?
  • Is your squat the quality of an Olympic Lifters squat?

The best training programs are planned in cycles ahead of time.

For intermediate to experienced trainers this is the difference.

#9. Pressure Creates Diamonds

Sometimes you’re going to be flat out working on projects, coaching your team, spending time with family and it’s going to feel like you don’t have time to train, eat your meals, prepare food, meditate or even sleep.

It’s going to feel like you’re on a rollercoaster ride from hell.

It is what it is and you find a way to get it done.

  • Wake up earlier
  • Go to bed earlier
  • Sacrifice what you need to
  • Get someone to do it for you
  • Find a routine that’s more efficient

The gym isn’t your home or workplace so you don’t have to be all cheery and feel obliged to talk to anyone. To be results based in the beginning you should be able to get your workout done and go home. Unless you’re me or one of our trainers that’s where we’re always 23 degrees and sunny.

#10. It’s Not Fitness, It’s Life

It shouldn’t feel like a chore.

When you don’t eat healthy and train you feel a difference to the quality of your everyday performance. Professionals that seem to be able to do it all know this, they’ve played sport from a very young age or they’ve experienced success in health and fitness before. That’s what keeps them going, it’s normal to train and strive to be at their best.

There’s a gym in America that’s full of these people, no free passes, training focused on high performance and everyone is there simply to train, get it done and go home. No prancing around looking good, instead they’re focused on actually being good.

Keep going until you achieve your training goal.

Compare it to how you were when you at your physical worst and you won’t want to ever go back.

#11. You Should Only Be Doing, Not Thinking

Your time is worth X amount and if not now already, at some point it’s not going to be worth it for you to spend time thinking about training, eating, worrying about why your energy levels are inconsistent and why your body isn’t changing.

Your time should only be focused on doing.

Lifting the weights, recording your progress and putting the right food in your mouth.

Our clients who hire help with tasks (Nanny’s, cleaners, employees and CEO’s); they all understand this. It should be as relaxing as going into your hairdressers to get a cut and colour. You go in, sit down, relax and they do it all for you. Of course training has more physical demands than this but it’s the same concept.

You’re reserving energy to focus on doing more important things.

Your best body helps you to be able do it harder, faster and longer.

  • Find someone you trust
  • Communicate what it is you want
  • Let them do their work
  • You do yours


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